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  • IEI Integration Corp. (IEI) and Halza Pte. Ltd. (Halza) today announce the joint venture of IEI Halza HealthIntelligence Co. and a development partnership for the Halza application. QNAP® Systems, Inc. (QNAP), as a strategic solution provider for the partnership, will be offering its medical data management solutions to facilitate an intuitive and secure health management application for the public.

    Halza stores, tracks and shares medical records and allows you to communicate privately with doctors, family and friends. As a subscription-based healthcare app, Halza aimed at providing international medical services. People around the world can get instant access to their complete medical data anywhere, anytime, directly through the Halza mobile app. Halza offers health-related push notifications, medicine reminders, and registry for organ donation in 26 languages. Data can be easily shared between patients, their family, and medical professionals.

    To support a secure, private medical data management for Halza, QNAP NAS complies with the HIPAA audit protocol and provides versatile integrated solutions to make possible a reliable health management application. Not only does QNAP NAS provide 24/7 high-performance and high-capacity storage, but the MediQPACS app also provides centralized management for DICOM files which helps in facilitating high-quality diagnosis by physicians.

    “IEI’s leading position with QNAP as the world’s leader Enterprise Network Attached Storage with Smart Hospital AI strategy and Halza, the powerful Social-Medical consumer app, the combined forces will allow medical tourists visiting Taiwan to better keep track of their medical history and communicate this with their doctors, family members and friends in private and closed environment.” said Richard Nijkerk, co-founder of IEI Halza HealthIntelligence Co..

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    QNAP Systems Inc. (2019). IEI & Halza Announce the Joint Venture of IEI Halza HealthIntelligence Co., and Strategically Adopt QNAP's Medical Data Management Solution [online] QNAP Systems, Inc. - Network Attached Storage (NAS). Available at:  [Accessed 31 May 2019].

  • QNAP® Systems, Inc. today announced a limited-time special offer of McAfee® Antivirus for QNAP NAS systems. With a subscription to McAfee Antivirus, QNAP users can ensure their data stays protected from viruses, heal currently-infected files, prevent viruses spreading through file sharing, and receive the latest definitions to combat present & future virus threats.

    A one-year subscription to McAfee Antivirus is now available for $8.99 (normally $25.00), two years for $13.99 (normally $50.00), and three years for $18.99 (all prices in United States Dollars). A free 30-day trial is also available for QNAP NAS users. This special offer is valid till June 28, 2019.

    “McAfee Antivirus provides dependable protection for users to defend against current and emerging virus threats in digital and networked environments,” said Meiji Chang, General Manager of QNAP, continuing “By taking advantage of this limited-time special offer, QNAP NAS users can ensure their files and data are well protected.”

    “McAfee delivers modern cybersecurity solutions to provide trusted endpoint protection,” said Tom Moore, Vice President of Global OEM of McAfee, adding “We encourage QNAP users to take this chance to plan their cybersecurity solution for antivirus protection both online and offline.”

    McAfee Antivirus is available from the QTS App Center on QNAP NAS. For more information and to subscribe to the McAfee Antivirus service, users can visit the QNAP License Store website.

    Credit to source, information taken from:
    QNAP Systems Inc. (2019). QNAP Announces Limited-Time Special Offer of McAfee Antivirus for QNAP NAS at Computex 2019 [online] QNAP Systems, Inc. - Network Attached Storage (NAS). Available at:  [Accessed 03 June 2019].

  • To accelerate the layout in the networking market, QNAP® Systems, Inc. today unveils its first Universal Customer Premise Equipment (uCPE) - the QuCPE series. The QuCPE is powered by QNAP’s proprietary QNE (QNAP Network Equipment) operating system that supports SD-WAN and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), allowing IT administrators to centrally perform large-scale application deployment and enabling centralized cloud management, therefore achieving Zero Touch Provisioning and helping to reduce IT maintenance expenses. The QNE OS supports a wide range of virtual applications, including virtual machines (VMs), containerized applications and Kubernetes cluster architecture, greatly simplifies IT maintenance complexity and makes the QuCPE series the industry's first edge computing networking solution that combines both hardware and software advantages.

    The QNAP QuCPE series features an Intel® Xeon® D processor and supports Intel® QAT (QuickAssist) network acceleration technology to enable hardware network acceleration and provide high-performance network services. The QNE OS features a graphical user interface (GUI) to facilitate large-scale network management and enables fast boot-up to reduce service downtime. The support for Intel® DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) also helps boost packet processing, performance, and throughput. The QNE OS not only inherits the support for a wide range of virtualized applications from the QTS system, but also supports Kubernetes containerized applications and Intel® Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS) to provide cross-host/cluster application deployment and management.

    The QuCPE series features the exclusive QNE OS that enables high-performance and agile SD-WAN solution with built-in video surveillance app. The QNE also integrates Intel® OpenVINO AI engine for referencing, making edge devices capable of analyzing vision/video data to empower the system with AI-based vision intelligence. The system enables future AI-based network video deployment for multi-branches and offices across borders.

    Take retailing for example, each chain can utilize the QuCPE series to implement network management from the cloud to ensure in-store POS performance, Wi-Fi service, and IP camera functionality, along with the support of QVR Face for facial recognition and QuMagie Core for object identification. While consistent POS and order management is prioritized over the other apps, once emergent instances happen, the AI-oriented vision will verify the incident and automatically trigger the QNE to prioritize network resources for IP camera recordings. This not only balances the network traffic but also maintains performance requirements for quality experience to fulfill intelligent retailing network management.

    “Intel architecture and our robust portfolio of open source software provide a versatile, high-performance foundation for network and edge deployments that are 5G-ready,” said Renu Navale, senior director of Edge Services & Industry Enabling at Intel. “AI-enabled Intel-based platforms at the network edge or on-premise will let customers gain insights into their data and turn it into value for their businesses.”

    The QNE provides an App Store, a platform that allows managed service providers, independent software vendors, and business organizations to easily install and update the VNF and apps in the QNE operating system from the cloud. The App Store features well-rounded licensing and payment services to help keep software developers hassle-free from designing the payment framework, performing as a user-friendly and collaborative ecosystem for enthusiastic developers to foster greater business innovation with QNAP.

    To learn more about the QuCPE series or inquire third-party cooperation opportunities, please contact

    Credit to source, information taken from:
    QNAP Systems Inc. (2019). QNAP Announces QuCPE Series and QNE OS – an Edge Computing Solution to Deploy AI-based Networking for Retail [online] QNAP Systems, Inc. - Network Attached Storage (NAS). Available at:  [Accessed 03 June 2019].

  • QNAP® Systems, Inc. (QNAP), a leading computing, networking and storage solution innovator, today announced its partnership with ULINK Technology Inc. (ULINK), the world leader in providing IT storage interface test tools, to jointly deliver a smart drive health analysis and failure prediction service powered by artificial intelligence. The service aims to provide QNAP NAS users with an early indication of potential drive issues, to avoid expensive downtime and business disruptions.

    With optional licenses, QNAP NAS will collect drive health information and submit it to the ULINK database for analysis and failure prediction. Users can view details of the result both on the ULINK website and within QTS. QNAP and ULINK comply with GDPR and CCPA regulations to ensure user data privacy and confidentiality. The availability of the service will be announced separately.

    “With our experience, we hope to bring users a mechanism of protection before the drive becomes unusable,” said Joseph Chen, CEO of ULINK, adding: “This technology that we are developing is rooted in our years of experience in the storage testing industry.”

    Y.T. Lee, VP R&D of QNAP, said: “By partnering with ULINK, QNAP can present a truly intelligent disk health analysis and failure prediction service to help our users identify potential issues in time and take preventive actions to ensure utmost peace of mind.”

    QNAP will showcase the smart, AI-powered drive health analysis and failure prediction service with ULINK at the QNAP booth (J0830, TaiNEX 1) during COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2019. Visitors are cordially invited to join us for the first-hand experience of an innovative and intelligent IT operation/management scenario.

    Credit to source, information taken from:
    QNAP Systems Inc. (2019). QNAP Joins Hands with ULINK for Innovative AI-Powered Drive Health Analysis and Failure Prediction Service [online] QNAP Systems, Inc. - Network Attached Storage (NAS). Available at:  [Accessed 29 May 2019].

  • Experience Innovative Hybrid Cloud Storage Applications, Multimedia apps with integrated AI and More Revolutionary Features!

    QNAP® Systems, Inc. (QNAP), a leading storage, network and computing solution provider, today released the QTS 4.4.1 Beta. With a focus on high-efficiency backup and innovative hybrid cloud storage, QTS 4.4.1 includes HBS 3 with QuDedup technology, which deduplicates backup data at the source and increases backup and recovery efficiency; CacheMount enabling local caching for connected cloud storage for users to enjoy a near-LAN access speed to their cloud data. QNAP also released QuMagie – the AI-based photo organization application – which provides users with the ultimate photo management and sharing solution. QNAP NAS will also support Fibre Channel SAN for easily adding to existing SAN environment as a budget-friendly storage and backup solution.

    “QTS 4.4.1 integrates Linux Kernel 4.14 LTS and supports next-generation hardware platforms for QNAP NAS to leverage the latest technologies. Following the trend of hybrid cloud solution deployment, QTS 4.4.1 optimizes backup efficiency and features innovative applications tailored for hybrid cloud environments, allowing business and home users to enjoy flexible storage allocation, convenient management and perfect backup and recovery solution. QNAP strives to integrate innovative technologies to provide the best NAS experience to our users,” Said Ken Cheah, Product Manager of QNAP.

    Learn more about QTS 4.4.1 at

    Credit to source, information taken from:
    QNAP Systems Inc. (2019). QNAP QTS 4.4.1 Beta Released! Experience Innovative Hybrid Cloud Storage Applications, Multimedia apps with integrated AI and More Revolutionary Features! [online] QNAP Systems, Inc. - Network Attached Storage (NAS). Available at:  [Accessed 29 May 2019].