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IEI Integration Corp. (IEI) and Halza Pte. Ltd. (Halza) today announce the joint venture of IEI Halza HealthIntelligence Co. and a development partnership for the Halza application. QNAP® Systems, Inc. (QNAP), as a strategic solution provider for the partnership, will be offering its medical data management solutions to facilitate an intuitive and secure health management application for the public.

Halza stores, tracks and shares medical records and allows you to communicate privately with doctors, family and friends. As a subscription-based healthcare app, Halza aimed at providing international medical services. People around the world can get instant access to their complete medical data anywhere, anytime, directly through the Halza mobile app. Halza offers health-related push notifications, medicine reminders, and registry for organ donation in 26 languages. Data can be easily shared between patients, their family, and medical professionals.

To support a secure, private medical data management for Halza, QNAP NAS complies with the HIPAA audit protocol and provides versatile integrated solutions to make possible a reliable health management application. Not only does QNAP NAS provide 24/7 high-performance and high-capacity storage, but the MediQPACS app also provides centralized management for DICOM files which helps in facilitating high-quality diagnosis by physicians.

“IEI’s leading position with QNAP as the world’s leader Enterprise Network Attached Storage with Smart Hospital AI strategy and Halza, the powerful Social-Medical consumer app, the combined forces will allow medical tourists visiting Taiwan to better keep track of their medical history and communicate this with their doctors, family members and friends in private and closed environment.” said Richard Nijkerk, co-founder of IEI Halza HealthIntelligence Co..


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