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In this age of growing home/remote working and with the potential for unforeseen events to disrupt travel and international conferences, the demand for reliable video conferencing solutions has surged.

QNAP® Systems, Inc. provides KoiMeeter – a free smart video conference system for QNAP NAS. Compatible with a wide range of NAS, KoiMeeter provides numerous key features to help home/remote workers liaise with team members, and also for international/traveling workers to attend meetings and conferences during times when unforeseen events disrupt or discourage travel.

KoiMeeter can be installed on a QNAP NAS with HDMI output, and when used with compatible cameras and microphones can easily deploy a video conferencing system. The free version of KoiMeeter supports cross-platform communication (e.g. Avaya SIP video conferencing system) and 30 minutes free wireless presentation supporting two simultaneous wireless projections. Enterprise users can purchase a KoiMeeter license to add additional features (including audio transcription, real-time translation and meeting recording storage).


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