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QNAP® Systems, Inc. (QNAP), a leading storage, network and computing solution provider, today released the QTS 4.4.1 Beta. With a focus on high-efficiency backup and innovative hybrid cloud storage, QTS 4.4.1 includes HBS 3 with QuDedup technology, which deduplicates backup data at the source and increases backup and recovery efficiency; CacheMount enabling local caching for connected cloud storage for users to enjoy a near-LAN access speed to their cloud data. QNAP also released QuMagie – the AI-based photo organization application – which provides users with the ultimate photo management and sharing solution. QNAP NAS will also support Fibre Channel SAN for easily adding to existing SAN environment as a budget-friendly storage and backup solution.

“QTS 4.4.1 integrates Linux Kernel 4.14 LTS and supports next-generation hardware platforms for QNAP NAS to leverage the latest technologies. Following the trend of hybrid cloud solution deployment, QTS 4.4.1 optimizes backup efficiency and features innovative applications tailored for hybrid cloud environments, allowing business and home users to enjoy flexible storage allocation, convenient management and perfect backup and recovery solution. QNAP strives to integrate innovative technologies to provide the best NAS experience to our users,” Said Ken Cheah, Product Manager of QNAP.

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Key new apps and features in QTS 4.4.1:

HBS 3: Accelerate backup and recovery time and achieve highly-efficient and uninterrupted operation

  • Deduplicate backup data at the source: QuDedup technology deduplicates backup data at the source. With the overall data size reduced, the required bandwidth and backup time is also reduced. Users can install the QuDedup Extract Tool on their computer and easily restore the deduplicated files to their normal status.
  • Over 20 integrated cloud services: QNAP provides a secure-yet-flexible hybrid cloud backup solution and it also supports TCP BBR Congestion Control, which can easily double transfer speed.

CacheMount: Enjoy low-latency cloud data access
(The cache feature is coming very soon. Stay tuned for updates.)

  • CacheMount integrates NAS with mainstream cloud services and enables low-latency access to the cloud with local caching. No matter what cloud storage the NAS connects to, you can conveniently leverage QTS applications for file management and editing, and multimedia applications.

QuMagie: Brand-new AI albums

  • QuMagie is the next generation of Photo Station. Featuring a streamlined user interface, a built-in timeline scroll, integrated AI-based photo organization, customizable folder covers and a powerful search tool, QuMagie provides you with the ultimate photo management and sharing solution.

QNAP NAS supports Fibre Channel SAN

  • QNAP NAS with Fibre Channel card installed can easily be added to SAN environment to provide high-performance data storage and backup, while also allows users to leverage the many benefits from QNAP NAS, including snapshot protection, Qtier™ tiering storage, SSD cache acceleration and more.

Multimedia Console: Integrates all QTS multimedia apps

  • The Multimedia Console consolidates all of the QTS multimedia applications into one app, allowing easier and centralized multimedia app management. Users can select source files for each multimedia application and can also set their permission settings.

Freely Remove Qtier’s SSD RAID Tier

  • Users can flexibly remove the SSD from the SSD RAID group to change/ add SSDs, change SSD RAID type or SSD type (SATA, M.2, QM2) whenever needed to enhance storage auto-tiering efficiency.

Supports Self-encrypting Drives (SED)

  • Self-encrypting drives (e.g. Samsung 860 and 970 EVO SSD) allow users to leverage built-in encryption functions without installing extra software or using NAS system resources to encrypt data for an extra layer of data protection.


The QTS 4.4.1 Beta is now available from the Download Center. HBS 3 Beta is available from HBS 3 solution page.

Note: Features are subject to change and may not be available for all products.


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