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QNAP® Systems, Inc. collaborated with strategic partner CAYIN® Technology, a key player of digital signage solutions, to provide the new smart signage solution CAYIN CMS Station service on QNAP NAS. The smart signage solution integrates CAYIN Digital Signage Content Management Server (CMS) into QNAP NAS, enabling users to manage up to 4,000 CAYIN SMP players simultaneously, group players for synchronizing playlists and contents, while offering flexible task scheduling options including once, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Users can download and install CAYIN CMS Station from QTS App Center onto their QNAP NAS. The new solution greatly improves deployment and management efficiency for building a large-scale digital signage network. The digital signage configurations, data and content are highly secured by QNAP NAS RAID technology. Moreover, CAYIN CMS Station supports redundancy to provide seamless failover and uninterrupted services.

Users with high demands for real-time audio and video applications can also integrate these applications into a single NAS platform, making their QNAP NAS a service-oriented platform for enhancing server utilization, backup and management efficiency. With CAYIN CMS Station enabled QNAP NAS, system integrators can use the NAS to build a SaaS environment for large-scale digital signage projects or as an on-premise service for specific applications with flexible licensing. CAYIN CMS Station flexible licensing offers users annual subscription or lifetime license options to meet dynamic business needs.

“We are pleased to partner with QNAP to develop CAYIN CMS Station and provide customers with an innovative value-added digital signage solution,” said Ravel Chi, Vice President of CAYIN® Technology, adding “This is undoubtedly fantastic cooperation between network storage and commercial media management. We are pleased to introduce this integrated solution to help companies digitalization, while upgrading information distribution and management intelligently in industries, including retail, transportation, hospitality, entertainment, medical care and more.”

“This is just QNAP’s first step in our long term partnership framework with CAYIN Technology, we anticipate developing more products in the future with CAYIN® Technology,” said Anderson Cheng, Business Development Manager of QNAP, adding“In the future, QNAP plans to develop more service-oriented applications with intelligent and smart management to better meet different vertical market demands and build a sustainable ecosystem.”

The CAYIN CMS Station can be downloaded from QTS App Center.


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