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Professional Cable Management,
Relocation and Rearrangement Services.




20200122 Pro Cabling Power i
$59 / point

Power Cable
Power Point Installation or Extension
For Home, Office, Warehouse

20200122 Pro Cabling Power

20200122 Pro Cabling LAN i
$59 / point

Data Communication Cable
Telephony and LAN Point Installation
RJ11, RJ45, CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, CAT7, Fiber

20200122 Pro Cabling LAN

20200122 Pro Cabling CCTV i
$59 / point

Analog / IP Video Cable
Cable Installation or Extension
RJ59, RJ45, CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6

20200122 Pro Cabling CCTV

20200122 Pro Cabling Access i
$59 / point

Security System Cable
Installation and System Checks
For Home, Office, Warehouse

20200122 Pro Cabling Access

T&C Applies:

Cabling service offers valid for installation distance not exceeding 30m long, and height below 3m.
Cabling service work will be done using surface mount casing / conduit / removable false ceiling, no hacking work involves.
Cabling service coverage inclusive of trace, track, commissioning and termination.
Cabling warranty support not covering damage or fault from non-human and weather caused.
Final price offer variance subjected to changes and needs required from the client site.


20200122 Pro Cabling 02
20200122 Pro Cabling 03
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